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EPFP Catalyst

A Company backed by professionals, having decades of experience in  financial planning.


Rahul & Rohit are Certified Financial Professionals and have been offering unbiased and client centric advice to Corporates & individuals successfully. Both of them have  more than 10,000 hours of coaching and consulting experience. Their financial advice is focussed on empowering individuals to manage their personal financial planning. What makes EPFP Catalyst stand out is the fact that the advices given by them have been time tested and proven. Most of the individuals/corporates they advised have achieved financial independence and security in the shortest possible time. Usage of  their EPFP Wealth Multiplier*(Copyrighted process) leads to long term wealth creation for investors.

Both Rahul & Rohit believe in Empowering Investors by fair Advise & Coaching.

Why EPFP Catalyst

Over the past decades, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the financial planning and consulting space. Our advices have yielded results and have helped scores of people to achieve financial independence. We are a passionate team of professionals who believe that finance need to be managed in a planned and professional way for it to multiply. What you earn is one aspect and how you invest and achieve financial goal is equally important.

5 Reasons to choose EPFP Catalyst as your Financial Planning Partner

Top Notch Partners/ Consultants- Mentors to IIMA, CFP, CS, MBA etc.

Consulting/Coaching/Training Experience of more than 10000 hours


Diverse Range of Clients

Free and Fair Advise through EPFP Half day Workshops

Unique Copyrighted EPFP Wealth Multiplier process

Quick Facts

  • 70% of our business comes from reorders/referrals.
  • 90% of individuals coached reported financial gain from our advices.
  • 11,031 hours of financial coaching experience
  • 31,098 individuals coached
  • 15,000 plus followers
  • 4,362 individuals achieved financial independence in 10 years
  • 7,654 individuals achieved financial goals in 5 years
  • 764 individuals created wealth by financial planning above 1 Crore in 7 years

EPFP Catalyst knows how to do this for you.

From the stock market crash to evolution of mutual funds, we have seen it all. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of financial planning techniques clubbed with mentoring of thousands of individuals and the achievements made with these individuals make us believe that we can help you achieve financial independence and wealth creation.

Wealth creation is a process and requires financial experts to help you make understand the nitty-gritty of every financial planning tool. It’s a myth that financial planning is required only for the wealthy. It is more useful for common man than the rich. We have given wings to common man by taking him closer to his/her financial independence dream. We, by virtue of our experience, know how to do this.

We have helped many clients with financial planning. A partial list: SBI, S.Chand, Goeventz, APCO Worldwide, GiZ, Shyam Packseal Pvt. Ltd., Business Owners of SMEs and many, many more…

Our Partners/ Program Facilitators

Rahul & Rohit are passionate financial planners. Apart from their credentials, both are amazing human beings and believe in financial independence through systematic planning, for everyone. They love to plan for the common man and believe in helping them in achieving their financial goals.

Mr. Rohit Nayar

Rohit has over 25 years of experience in senior management and consulting in top MNC organisations like Cadbury, Nestle and Mondelez International. He is a certified  financial planner CFPTM, holds post-graduate diploma in business management and a master trainer associated with the Government of India’s “Make in India” program. He is very passionate about personal investing and financial planning and has conducted numerous training and awareness sessions about personal financial planning, investing and achieving financial independence. He is also a life, business and financial coach.

Mr. Rahul Jain

Rahul is a thought leader on leadership, corporate finance, business simulations and venture planning.  He is a mentor to IIM Ahmedabad and CIIE, authored multiple eBooks and passionate about equity research and spiritualism. He is also director/licensee of LMI, India and BizWiz Learning.


He is also managing an NGO known as Sundeep Welfare Trust which is active in the areas of health care and human welfare. Rahul Jain is an MBA from MDI, Gurgaon, OHBE from Laureate US University and is a Fellow Company Secretary. He has been key note speaker/presenter at various national and international conferences/seminars. He has consulted and mentored start ups, companies and individuals, colleges on business planning, company analysis, industry analysis, market research and intelligence and on various strategic issues.

Consultants/Advisors of EPFP Catalyst

Dr. Harsh Vardhan Kothari

Dr. Harsh Vardhan Kothari had done Ph.D. from IBS and post graduation in management from BITS, Pilani. In his career, he has worked in areas of HR, Project and Operations in manufacturing industries for 28 years. Since 12 years, he is in academics and his areas of teaching, training, research, and consulting are HR and production and operations management, entrepreneurship, strategy, business communication and soft skills. His interest areas have been remaining updated on business, social and management developments. He is a Director at BIZWIZ learning, LMI licensee and also a certified mentor for entrepreneurs.

Ms. Priyanka Jain

She is an MBA and IPCC. Her specialization lies in accounting, finance and has anchored many events. She is a multifaceted personality as she is a good singer and writer too.

Other Key Team Members/ Advisor

Dr. Praveen Kumar


Mr. Kunal Goel

Senior Sales & Marketing Consultant


Mr. Bhawana Pant

Business Development Manager


Mr. Rahul Sharma

Senior Project Consultant

Mr. Ajay Bhilware

Manager, Accounts & Administration